About Hannush Web

Web Design and Internet Marketing Firm based in Greenville, SC

Who Are We?

Hannush Web is a full-service web design agency based in Greenville, SC. Since 2003, we have grown our client base across over 10 states, while still maintaining a "keep it local" approach. This means that, even as a technology company, we value a handshake with our clients, whether they're just across the street, or 500 miles away.

Leadership Bio: Drew Hannush, President

What Gives Our Clients the Edge?

We go beyond predesigned templates and third-party plug-ins to develop a fully-customized website experience. From logo and branding, to creating specific functionality for your website, to search engine optimization and ongoing Internet marketing—if we can’t handle it, we’ll find someone who can. That way, our clients can lean on us for excellent advice and direction in all avenues of this ever-changing digital world.

Our Web Development Process

We deliver website projects on-time and on-budget because of our process:

  1. It starts with a fact-finding consultation. We take a business-first approach, rather than focusing on technology. We rarely go beyond the initial design mockup, because we ask the right questions up-front.
  2. Then the designers take over. The logo and branding process is probably the most unpredictable, because it's so important. But once this is completed, web design takes anywhere from 2-3 weeks.
  3. Next, content gathering, copywriting, and programming. During this time, there is lots of conversation between our team and your staff. On small-to-medium sites, this phase usually takes 2-3 weeks as well. For websites with a lot of customized functionality, this process can run a couple weeks longer.
  4. Testing, training, and launch. This time is critical. Our team tests the site. We turn the site over to you for review. Then, when everyone is satisfied, we guide your business throughout the launch process.
  5. Then the deeper relationship begins. “If you build it, they will come” just isn't true anymore. The relationship with your web design firm is more vital than ever. To thrive in such a competitive Internet landscape, you'll need to keep a constant eye on search engine optimization, content marketing, website maintenance, and the quality of your hosting. Count on us to be there with the skills and timely insights to help you grow your business.

Ask us how your business can benefit from worry-free maintenance.