Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question we haven't answered below? Give us a call at (844) 822-4200 or send us a message via our contact page.

How Long Does It Take to Build a Website?

Our more basic sites are usually ready for final testing and launch within 4 to 6 weeks.  We've completed complex projects with ease in under 3 months as a standard rule.  Learn more about the process that helps us complete sites 2 to 3 times faster than the industry by being more efficient.

Do You Outsource?

We never outsource custom programming. This is how we can be sure we meet our deadlines and meet our strict quality control goals, because we have direct control over code and the project. This also helps us avoid issues where outsource companies misunderstand, change programmers, cut corners or under deliver. 

One of our main graphic designers is technically freelance, but does most of his projects with us and has worked with us for 12 years.

We do sometimes outsource template coding if we have an overflow of work, but this is less critical to timelines and easily handled by our staff if deadlines look shaky with the outsource resource. 

How Long Have You Been In Business?

Hannush Enterprises, LLC (dba Hannush Web) began operations in August of 2003 in Greer, SC. 

How Much Does a Website Cost?

Each job will have it's own unique pricing. However, we can design a custom template from scratch, give you a content management system and training, and create a 3-4 page website with Secure Managed Hosting for around $5000. More complex sites will require a more detailed quote, but we can easily provide one with just a few questions answered or a quick phone call to discover your needs.

What Are the On-going Costs for a Website?

Three costs considerations are maintenance contracts, hosting and periodic updates of the content management system. 

For maintenance clients, we integrate the hosting costs into our maintenance contracts for one easy monthly fee. These start at around $225 per month and this rate fits 90% of our maintenance clients.

We have two levels of hosting. Our recommended Secure Managed Hosting is $600 per year (this can be billed quarterly) and Basic Managed Hosting is $300 per year. 

With any software, sometimes there are upgrade costs. Usually there is a major upgrade every 2-3 years. However, these costs for upgrades has dropped considerably over the years.  Expect maybe $200-$300 for these upgrades when they occur.

Do You Work With Clients Outside of the Carolinas?

We do. We have clients as far away as California, Michigan, Illinois, Mississippi, Florida, etc. Technology makes doing business online much easier. However, Drew has met with most of our clients eventually, even the one's at a distance. It's the way he likes to do business...with a handshake.

Do You Subcontract For Outside Firms?

Absolutely. We provide a discount to those firms so they can sell our services at a comparable rate. We appreciate them entrusting us with their client's experience. And we can add a power tool (custom development) to their toolbox.

Do You Offer Maintenance Contracts?

Yes. We call them Worry-Free Maintenance.  We want you to focus on what you're good at...running your business.  We like working as a trusted, reliable partner that acts as your web department.  A maintenance contract not only costs less than hiring someone, but it also gives you much more skill and experience.

Can I Manage My Own Website?

Yes. We train you on our content management system. It takes about 2 hours and most clients manage their entire website without needing a lot of support.  

Why Would I Choose Hannush Web Over Other Firms?

There are a lot of companies that build websites. If you are just starting out and don't have a lot of budget, we might not be the right choice. But if you're ready to build the site of your dreams, here are some of the advantages we bring:

  • Our response times are much quicker than the industry standard.
  • We build sites from the ground up, not from templates.
  • Our sites are very easy to manage, even the complex ones.
  • We are very proactive on security and hacker prevention.
  • We are big on the handshake and building relationships with our clients. 
  • We deliver websites on-time and on-budget. 
  • Communication is big with us. You will know where your project stands at all times.
  • We are local and easily accessible.
  • We have a combined 40+ years web design experience between our 3 biggest team members.
What API's Have You Integrated With?

API's give us the ability to reduce your workload and work with your existing data. These are just a few of the API's we've worked with. Many have been brought to us by clients asking if we could program for them. If you have a specific API you want to know if you can have integrated into your site, just ask. As long as it has adequate documentation, we should be able to program for it.

  • Payment: Stripe/Square/Paypal/
  • Mapping: Google Maps Geocoding (and leaflet.js)
  • Google CSE
  • CRM: SalesForce API (PatronManager)
  • Social: Facebook public posts feed
  • Real Estate: idxbroker (MLS - Real Estate)
  • Weather: Dark Sky– Widget
  • CMS: Joomla! CMS framework
  • phrets –
  • Social: Disqus
  • Travel: RezStream API
  • Education: Bloomerang Widgets
  • Marketing: Mail Chimp Widgets
  • Marketing: MyNewsLetter builder API