Drew Hannush, Owner/President

Drew Hannush (Owner/President)It was Drew Hannush’s original mission to start a company that changed the perception of web developers by providing a professional, business-first approach. The goal was to be great communicators and to deliver top quality projects on-time and on-budget. In a jargon heavy world with so many more options, that mission is as valid and strong today as it was then.

His business knowledge was built over years of working as a Sherwin Williams operations manager, retail store manager, radio announcer, customer service rep, purchasing agent, corporate webmaster and art director.

Drew’s education was mostly built from real world business experience, but he received his higher education from Greenville Tech and the Art Institute of Philadelphia. In his hiring practices, Drew believes that a college education can be beneficial, but nothing creates success more than a will to learn and the right mentors on the job. His greatest joy comes from the success of his employees, some that have moved on to Fortune 500 companies and with Silicon Valley startups.

Knowledge and education are Drew’s passions. In his spare time, you’ll find him helping entrepreneurs in seminars and through writings to help them make better business decisions. Drew is also on the Board of Advisors for ECPI University in Greenville, SC.

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