A Message From Drew Hannush

Drew Hannush (Owner/President)It was my original mission in 2003 to start a company that helped change the wild west image of web design by providing clients with a focused and professional business-first approach to building their website. I knew it would take establishing strong relationships, building trust, open communication, as well as delivering top quality projects on-time and on-budget to raise the bar.

So many years later, the options for clients have greatly improved and increased. As the web exploded into our daily lives, it was no longer about convincing people they needed a website. Today's challenges include staying abreast of Google search engine algorithm changes, integrating your sales tools into your website, understanding industry changes like GDPR and PCI Compliance, and so on. No longer is it just about building a better website or whether to put your business on Facebook.

So our business has evolved as well, developing new skills, learning more about regulations, continuously analyzing SEO changes, watching social media contantantly evolve, getting deeper into custom programming, and creating new tools as our client's requirements expand. But as crazy complex as things seem to be getting, at the core, for our clients we find web design at it's heart is still about trusted relationships, great communication, flexible and scalable solutions, and meeting goals, budgets and deadlines.

The web will continue to evolve. And at Hannush Web, our focus continues to be helping you, our client, understand these changes so you can meet these challenges head on, not get lost in the weeds, and steadily grow your business. 

To your success!

Drew Hannush
Hannush Enterprises, LLC (dba Hannush Web)

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