How do we deliver websites on-time and on-budget, especially when the web development industry seems content to deliver whenever they feel like it, with no defined budget?

It is a time tested process and a commitment to transparency.

We believe having a clear scope of work, ala carte pricing and a contract that protects the client and Hannush Web equally benefits everyone, but especially the client.

Here is what you can expect

Discovery Process

Day 1: First, we send you a customer brainstorming worksheet that will help you gather the right materials for our one on one consultation. Then we hold a fact-finding consultation and use the information to prepare our creative team for development. Any custom programming or integration can be planned out in this meeting. Our consultations set the direction for the project and greatly enhance our quality and efficiency.

Graphic Design

Within 2-3 weeks of the initial consultation, we should have a mockup of your home page and possibly a secondary page. These are put online so you can review, ask any questions, and suggest any revisions. Due to asking the right questions at the consultation, rarely do we have to do more than just tweak the designs. During this two weeks, we encourage clients to gather any content that is necessary and if our trusted partners are providing any resources, we engage their services at this time.

Programming Production

Depending on the amount of custom programming, this will usually take about 2 weeks for smaller websites and usually no more than a month for more complex sites. Your contract will define this time for your individual project. During this phase, we install your content management system, complete custom programming, and add your content.

Testing and Quality Control

We run each site through a quality checklist and give clients an opportunity to click through the website, while it is still not available to the public, to make sure it meets their requirements.


We can schedule on-site or GoToMeeting training sessions.  Almost all sites take 2 hours for training and our clients can then fully manage their sites and engage our support team if needed. Most of the time, clients with even limited experience catch on to managing one of our sites.


We will launch the site for you.  We can research and find the right parties to contact and get your domain, email and hosting all situated. Our goal is to make the process as easy for you as possible.  That is why you pay us instead of doing it yourself!

60 Days Error Free and On-going Maintenance

It’s easy for us to offer 60 Days Error Free, because our code is efficient and time tested. We’ve built hundreds of sites and the errors are at a minimum, if any at all. But you get the peace of mind to know you’re covered for any bugs that happen after launch. If you have elected to take on our maintenance contract, you’ll get high priority service going forward.

Payment Expectations

And our standard payment schedule is 1/3rd up front, 1/3rd when designs are approved and 1/3rd upon completion of your project. This keeps all players engaged throughout the process.

Delivery Expectations

We will propose a deadline up front. We will also let you know that most delays are usually due to clients not delivering content in a timely manner. Our process is solid and because we know the scope of each project we take on, it helps us schedule more efficiently to make sure we can hit your deadline.

Our goal is to make every website delivery experience an unexpected pleasure for our clients. Our process is a big reason we deliver on that goal.