Online Retailer Case Study

Kolorful Kitchen was originally a brick and mortar gift store located on Main Street, Hendersonville, NC. Having established an online presence with a free open source shopping cart, they came to our then location on Church Street and we discussed how to improve their online business and add more products. Over 10 years later, we have taken on many challenges (from security to eCommerce) and supporting them advice and guidance. 

The Move To 100% Online

In 2005, we had migrated Dale and Diane's website over to our servers and began assisting them with a new look and training to better manage their own site. We switched them from osCommerce, to a more supported version of it called CRE Loaded.

Then, a couple years later, it was decided to drop the store on Main Street and go 100% online.  The Freeman's were putting all of their trust into online sales, so this was a moment where website dependability, ease-of-use, and support was the difference between a business excelling or failing. Each transaction was precious and needed to be protected and nurtured.  

The transition occurred and to this day, the site has functioned with no noticible downtime, except for during hosting transitions or software transitions, but these were always planned out and anticipated.

Logo Design and Branding

Known as the Mountain Moose Group, but dba'ing as Kolorful Kitchen, we were tasked with going from a text based logo to an icon.  The result is the new moose logo and fresher colors that you'll see on their updated website.

PCI Compliance

This is a great concern for all online retailers. The credit card companies have now insisted on strict protection while retailers are in possession of credit card information. CRE Loaded was PCI Compliant, but over the years, hosting has not always kept up with the times.  Recently, issues with one of our hosting providers and compatibility sent us looking for a new host for the site.  After much research and (unfortunately) one host that overpromised and underdelivered, we helped get Kolorful Kitchen certified as PCI Compliant and they are fully compliant today.

Move to a Bigger, Better Site and Better Content Management

For all of it's power, CRE Loaded (now Loaded Commerce) was overbloated and difficult to manage.  It also was not a true content management system, so doing page updates was difficult and results varied.  In 2016, we migrated all of Kolorful Kitchen's products into our own customizable content management system. This greatly reduced the headaches of updating content and streamlined their administration of the shopping cart.  It also let us fully customize the shopping experience to Dale and Diane's specs. 

The goal was to build a site that rival other large scale online retailers, but to keep use simple for the customer and for the team at Kolorful Kitchen. 

The client's goals achieved, we look forward to more years of success and growth from Kolorful Kitchen.