Entertainment Venue Case Study

PresortPlus, one of our local partners contacted us about their client, Newberry Opera House's need for for a fresh contemporary web design. When Drew sat down with Newberry's Executive Director Molly Fortune and her staff, he opened their eyes to how the site could not only look better with a cleaner design, but also improve their office efficiency and improve their SEO at the same time.

Upgrading the User Experience

UX or User Experience is something we at Hannush Web take great pride in perfecting. And that experience needs to be for both the person visiting the site and the person managing the site. Asked to help improve the site's search engine optimization, we knew the information for each show needed to be on newberryoperahouse.com, not their ticketing agent's site. So when we found out they used Patron Manager, which is built off of SalesForce, we knew we could integrate the SalesForce API, so that Newberry would only have to add their 100+ shows into SalesForce alone and we could dynamically pull that information into every feature on the website. For Heather Hawkins, Newberry's ticketing manager, it was a real time saver, as she said, "the API integration cuts my ticketing programming hours in half."

A Clean, Fresh, Versitile Design

Our 2016 redesign had an immediate impact. "It was an amazing first day," said Molly Fortune. "I’m happy to say, it was a 418% increase in sales over last year." The versatility of the template design allowed us to easily match the stylings of the 2017 brochure for the new season.

"Hannush was also very patient with those of us unskilled in web design and helped train us so we can make changes to the site in the future"
- Heather Hawkins
- Ticketing and Guest Experience Manager for Newberry Opera House

Updated Logo

 newberry opera house logo transformation 2016