Leadership Biography: Drew Hannush, President

Drew Hannush is an entrepreneur and business owner who founded Hannush Web in 2003. He has been in the web design and development field since 1998, when he first developed a local information portal called Asheville Alive and then became corporate webmaster for a national point-of-sale company in 2000.

Early Drive 

Drive, direction and determination were already a part of Drew’s makeup at age 7. Determined to be a radio disk jockey, he spent time learning how to talk up record intros and even set up his own little neighborhood broadcasting station. When he reached a working age, the first thing he did was apply to a local radio station. By the age of 18, he was program director for a local station.

Gathering Experience

Ahead of his time, Drew became adept at jumping from career track to career track and adapting quickly. During the next 15 years, he worked in a variety of positions in marketing, sales, and operations. This variety of experience helped teach him the skills he would need, from color design and user experience, to marketing in different business sectors, to understanding how business works, to the power of clear communications, professionalism, and the managing of small-business finances. By the time the Internet had arrived, Drew already had been trained on many of the skills he would need to open his own business.

Self-Taught Web Designer

In 1998, Drew was approached by a distributor looking to compete with the likes of growing companies like Amazon.com and Buy.com. Drew didn't even own a computer at the time. The distributor provided him with a book on HTML, a computer with Photoshop and Microsoft's Front Page. In a couple of months, when he saw the disorganization of the distributorship, Drew found a local car dealer that needed a site, used the money to buy his own computer and software, and started working on a local portal called Asheville Alive, with the idea of honing his skills. 

Corporate Experience

As a corporate webmaster, Drew learned the skills of working with a team, determining best practices for technology, the power of branding, optimization of skills, and his business-first approach to web design projects. He worked for Kyrus Corporation in that capacity until the company was sold to another firm.

Setting Hannush Web Apart

When he launched Hannush Enterprises, LLC in 2003, he saw a lack of business savvy in the freelance developers of the time. Drew’s clients were quickly noticed a difference in how he took a project from consultation to completion by focusing on the right questions, good communication, and a strong process. He also created a three payment system that held the client and developer to account during the process. And every contract provided line-by-line pricing for each item, rather than a vague description of services and a bottom line price. This created a transparency that was missing in the industry.

The slow and steady approach served Drew and Hannush Web well over the years. Never going into debt with the business, but also not reaching for outside financing, the company grew steadily under Drew’s leadership over the next 10 years.

Evolution Into Leadership

During the last couple of years, Drew has stepped away from day-to-day programming and now leads a team of designers, developers, and marketing staff and provides the vision for an ever expanding agency. In 2015, Drew designed the new offices for Hannush Web in Greenville, SC with an eye on creating a modern, collaborative zone. His focus is now on expanding the business into new markets, but always keeping the local element.


Drew love history and it is part of the reason for his love for baseball and why he enjoys living in South Carolina. His focus has always been on creating strong one-on-one relationships and helping small businesses. He is a member of a local mastermind group of entrepreneurs with big dreams and heads up a local SEO marketers group. He has also served on the board of Greer Relief, been on the web program advisory board at ECPI University in Greenville and is a co-chair of the Henderson County Chamber of Commerce Communications Committee.


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