Hendersonville, NC Web Design

Where It All Started for Hannush Web

Hannush Web's Special Connection To Henderson County

by Drew Hannush

I have lived in Greenville, SC now since 2001 and I love it. But Henderson County and Hendersonville will always be the spark and foundation that helped me grow this company.

Before The Web, There Was Radio

I grew up in Arden, NC and went to T.C. Roberson High School. My roots in Henderson County started in 1985, when I walked into the studios of WHVL-AM 1600, behind the car wash on Greenville Highway. Back then, I was a young ambitious "radio guy" who went by the name Drew McLain (oh yeah, I have an old air check below to prove it! Soak in the nostalgia).  During my time there, I moved all the way up to Program Director and was the catalyst for the station moving to a rock and roll oldies format...which was well timed with the Dirty Dancing craze. During that time, it transitioned from WHVL to WTZQ and I left after 3 years to pursue a career at the local rock powerhouse KISS-FM in Asheville. 

Hannush Web Begins

So, in 2003, when my job as a corporate webmaster for a Greenville company came to a close, I set out to start my own web development business.  Because I had moved to Greenville, I set the business up initially in Greer.  But I soon found all of my friends up in Hendersonville were very happy to help me get my start.  Randy Houston and Mark Warwick were two big supporters at WTZQ. It was through them that I started building the Flat Rock Playhouse website. Then, I became a member of the Henderson County Chamber and it was through their faith in me that I not only won the job of redesigning their website, but it lead to many more great connections, including Tiffany Ervin, then at Pardee Hospital and Chris Burns at Summit Marketing.

The Move To Hendersonville

It caused me to move my business up the mountain and set up my LLC in Henderson County.  I was very happy in the little white house between the old Clifton's Cafeteria (The Chariot) and The Cedars. I had actually taken Charles Taylor's old office when he lost his seat. It was a great spot. And I think Salomon and I over did it at "The New China Garden"...couldn't beat a lunch under $5.  However, in 2008, gasoline had jumped over $4 a gallon and I was covering not only my own gasoline, but my lead programmers too (as we were both driving up from the Greenville area). So, I made the fateful decision to move my business back down to Greenville.

Tale of Two Cities

I have loved watching the way Greenville has grown up into a beautiful downtown, but Hendersonville has done so much the same to make Main Street a great place to be as well. It amazes me how much the little town has grown up since I first started working there over 30 years ago. But yet it still pays hommage to it's past.  At Hannush Web we are still deeply entrenched in the Hendersonville market and I'm happy to have it as our second home, but it will always be the place we truly got our start in the business. And I'll always hold it dear because of that.

- Drew Hannush (May 2017) 


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