Internet Marketing & Branding

Let Us Show Your Clients Who You Are

Your Brand Is Your Identity

Quick—what color is the Coca-Cola logo? How about Target's? Which fruit makes computers and phones?

Branding is a powerful tool that can help people identify your company in an instant. Creating a strong identity ensures loyal customers won't forget your product or service, no matter what choices they're surrounded with.

Our Marketing and Branding Services

We are by no means a full-service marketing agency. We are first and foremost a web design company. If you need a company to help you create an extensive brand for multiple products and services, we can suggest many companies (including partners) that will more than get the job done.

However, if you're just starting out, or looking for cost-effective solutions to create a brand or logo, you can lean on us to find your direction and create a starter or scaled-down brand.

Logo Creation

This is where it all starts. Hannush Web will help you determine the personality of your business and design a logo that captures the essence of your brand. We've also helped companies upgrade their existing logo. Whatever your need, when it comes to promo materials like websites, brochures, and billboards, nothing impresses the mind more than am expertly designed logo.

Website Design Is the Foundation

Some companies don't need to consider any other promotional materials beyond their website. For others, starting with a strong website design is the first step to creating a look and feel that propels your brand. Let's talk ideas. Call us at (828) 338-9327 or use our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.


Ask us how your business can benefit from worry-free maintenance.