Help Finding the Right SEO Tools

Search Engine Optimization comes in many different variations. Hannush Web can help your business benefit from On-Page, Off-Page, Technical, Local, and Organic SEO. It's our job to discover the secret ingredients that get your website the results it deserves.

How Do You Stack Up Against the Competition?

This is the million-dollar question. We can provide a list of strong primary, secondary, and tertiary keywords based on our research tools and your competition. We can also present a review of your competitors to let you know what you’ll need to budget to beat them.

Do You Need Organic or Local SEO or Both?

Organic SEO has been around for years. It's what we usually think of when a company says they're #1 in Google, Yahoo! or Bing. However, for certain search terms (especially when a city name is added to the term), you see a map and pinpoints to certain businesses. This is Local SEO, and it encompasses both the map results and the search engine results page. By looking at the keywords you're targeting, we can determine if your strategy should include one or both of these concepts.

Test your website to see how it stacks up on the sites that determine part of your local ranking.

We're the Right SEO Company for You

We think we have quite a few advantages:

  • Transparency (providing real analytics and showing you what we are doing)
  • A variety of complementary in-house skills (custom programming, internet marketing, branding and design)
  • Whitehat techniques only
  • A la carte services (pay for what you need)
  • Over a decade of on-page and off-page SEO experience

How About a Test Drive?

To help introduce you to our services and get you a game plan, we provide:

  • a $500 SEO and site review that includes two consultation sessions
  • a list of items that will benefit your site and a list of keywords we suggest targeting.

At that point, you can choose to move ahead with us, use the information yourself, or find another company to provide the service to you. At the very least, you walk away with a game plan for success.  

If you sign a contract for SEO services, we'll provide a year of Yext (the local directory and reputation management platform...a $1000 value) free. And you'll still have the ability to break out of the contract after each quarter, if you decide on a different direction. This keeps our feet to the fire and gives you peace of mind.

Give us a call (828) 338-9327 or use our contact form today, to find out more.


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