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The Web Services You Need

We start with a solid business-focused consultation. We ask the questions that will help us translate your business and it's goals into a web strategy.

Once we've determined the best plan of action, we utilize the skills we've developed working with our partner clients over the last 14 years.  Check out the variety of websites we've developed over the years.  

Here are some of the skills we've brought to each of those projects, big or small:


Custom Web Design

Which is better, a chef prepared from scratch meal or something from a box? While the boxed meal may be more convenient for the cook, the customer is the one that matters. So why do so many people buy websites built from templates?  At Hannush Web, we build affordable, truly unique web designs.

In addition to high quality designs, we are known for:

  • Clean and simple, award-winning user experiences (UX is something Google search rewards).
  • A design process that gets sites built on-time and on-budget. In weeks, not months.
  • Strong communication throughout the process.  

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Organic and Local Search Engine Optimization

Out of the box, our websites are built to be search engine friendly. If you're going to manage your own site, we'll help you understand how to continue enhancing your search engine power. We also have a long track record of success getting new websites ranked and we are on top of the latest trends in SEO, including location based Local Search.

  • We are also Certified Yext Partners (consistency of information is a strong indicator for local search)
  • We can provide keyword and competitive reports.
  • We strongly believe in White Hat SEO (and we don't spam for business). 


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Custom Application Development

Flexibility, scalability and a high level of security, three things we can provide that very few WordPress developers can. In addition, we have strong in-house programming skills (we never outsource critical programming), a large code base that reduces your costs and time to market, and creativity that can help you get your web-based application from the drawing board to reality.

  • Controlling our code helps us increase security.
  • No more updating 10-15 different plugins with security patches.
  • We build with scalability in mind. Your site can always grow with you.
  • You can fully manage your own site. We build consistant interfaces so every feature on your site works the same way! 

Website Security

In 2017, hacking has become a way of life.  And Google Chrome and others are taking notice. We were one of the first local companies to recognize the need for anti-virus protections, firewalls, Joomla! and WordPress patch protection, backups and SSL Certificates.  We take a holistic approach to protecting your website investment. And we keep on top of the latest changes in the industry, including Google Chrome's coming changes. 

  • We keep your software up-to-date.
  • We manage your web hosting with trusted partners.
  • We offer different packages that keep your site safe and fit your budget.


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Content Management

Choose to work with us however you like.  If you'd like us to take care of your site, we have a variety of maintenace contract options.  Or, if you'd like to manage the site yourself, with 2 hours of training, you'll be taking care of all aspects of your website's content.

  • We are Joomla!® experts. We make it easier to use than WordPress. Ask us how!
  • Worry-Free Maintenance includes many extras including hosting and high level security.
  • We'll help you keep your site looking beautiful.


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(Beyond Digital) Marketing and Branding

We've helped many entrepreneurs and small businesses start or enhance their brand. If we don't have the talent in-house, we have trusted partners we can team with to get whatever you need.  

  • We create beautiful logos.
  • We can help with business card design.
  • We can help you get the most out of social media.
  • We are Google Analytics Certified.

eCommerce Shopping Cart

Ready to make some money on the web? We have a fully customizable shopping cart solution that will help you sell the way you sell. We can help you cut through the mystery and hurdles of getting your store online and we can provide advice all the way from setting up merchant services to integrating with Google Shopping. 

  • We work with many payment APIs including PayPal, Square,, etc.
  • Our custom shopping cart is PCI Compliant.
  • We can integrate your cart into Google Analytics and Google AdWords for true ROI measurement.

Let's Get Started with a Free Consultation

We'll talk about your business needs and have an accurate proposal with transparent pricing to you within 1 to 2 business days. It's how we do business.  What do you have to lose?  Give us a call on our new toll-free line: (844) 822-4200 or use our contact form below. We look forward to hearing from you.


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