Branding and Logo Design

Make a Winning First Impression

Many times, a lead is won or lost by the first impression you're giving. What is your marketing saying about your company?

Cohesive branding not only improves your company's messaging, but having your sales staff, brochures, direct mail pieces, website and advertising all reinforcing each other, helps you solidify the impression you want the customer to have. 

Our Three Steps to Build a Brand

1) Ask the Right Questions

What message are you currently sending and what vehicles are you using to send this message? What is the mission and vision for your company? Who are your target clients? What do they respond to? What are your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats? And how can you utilize this information to your benefit? These are just a few of the questions we'll ask. 

logo advtreks

2) Establish Logo and Style Guidelines

We can review your current logo and branding and see if it is fitting who you truly are. If it works, great! If it needs some tweaking or you need to create a whole new image for yourself, we have the design talent available to help you get where you need to be.  And we can help you develop guidelines that help you be consistent across the board.

Companies like Apple, IBM, Target, Old Navy, Budweiser and others have developed strong brands that are easily recognizable and that create a consistent impression about who they are.  With some forethought and consistency, this same branding power is available to your company. We can get you there.

Pillsbury Law Firm Branding and Logo

3) We Put Your Brand To Work For You

Once your brand and messaging are established, not only can we integrate it into your website, but we can also review other ways you're using it.  Let us help you get your brand working for you in your brochures, catalogs, business cards, advertising, and signage, etc.  

Make every dollar you spend promoting your company and finding leads count. Use the form below to send us your web address and ask us for a quick first impression analysis to see what first impression your brand is giving out.