Content Management

There are many reasons your company might want to choose a content management system (CMS) over setting up a maintenance contract. You may have internal staff with time on their hands. Your budget may be tight and not condusive to a monthly charge. Or you might just want total control over timing and updates.

Five Critical Things We Provide for Your CMS Success

If you are taking this route, you are in good company. 80% of our clients choose to use our CMS to manage their own website. But to avoid the "you get what you pay for" syndrome, we at Hannush Web provide you with these extras that will lead you to a much better CMS ownership experience:

1) Professional Training

Give us 2 hours and we'll have your team confident in updating all of the critical content on your website. We've training people who don't classify themselves as "web savvy" and had very few support calls after they've started using the software. If your team has a basic understanding of a web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge (IE), and word document software like Microsoft Word, then we can get them up and running in no time.

2) Ease of Use

So called "easy to use" platforms like WordPress, Drupal, Magento and Joomla! are only simple if you don't start integrating third party plug-ins, which you most assuredly will have to at some point. At Hannush Web, we develop all of our plugins in-house with the same workflow as the CMS itself. Once you learn how to use one plugin, all other plugins will have the same logical workflow.  This saves time, questions and best of all, you don't have to constantly be updating plugins and worrying about compatibility every time you go to edit your site.  

3) Security

Most popular CMS' are secure. However, as soon as you add in a third-party plugin, you are risking your site to programmers of varying degrees of skill that have made their code available for hackers to dissect.  At Hannush Web, the biggest advantage we provide is that our code is not available to prying eyes. Our firewall team loves this because it greatly reduces the opportunity for malware and mischief from bots and hackers.

4) Low Cost of Ownership

Besides the cost savings of having your own team working on the site, we also reduce the need for those annoying license fees you get with each third-party plugin. The software is also search engine optimized (SEO Friendly) out of the box and comes with enhancements like a powerful editor and advanced tools like a site map generator, built in Rich Snippets (the AI future of search), and Facebook and Twitter social integration.

5) Brand and Reputation Protection

Sometimes your staff has too much control. To protect the brand and always give a professional appearance, we train your staff on the best way to keep your site consistent and we provide tools that protect your site from turning into a cheap looking newsletter. It's all part of a holistic approach to making your website experience the best it can be.

Have questions about our CMS and how it can serve to enhance your company's online delivery? Drop us a line by using the simple form below. We'll be happy to help you get a clearer view of your options and if our CMS is right for your business.