Programming and Integration (API)

The Power of Custom Applications

Today, websites are becoming more than just online brochures, marketing hubs, or shopping carts. Companies are now leveraging the power of custom developed web applications to increase interactions with leads and clients, integrate and sync up internal system, improve workflow and provide powerful metrics to help make better business decisions. 

To achieve these ends, we go beyond just solid programmers, we also provide you with:

Vision and Problem Solving

Many of our clients bring us specific issues. But as we ask questions and get to understand their businesses, we sometimes see even more powerful ways to improve their outcomes.

Flexibility and Scalability

We build our sites on a strong foundation that supports everything we do. Because we have over 10 years experience with this foundation, we have developed starter code that gets projects done quickly. But we also get the advantage of flexibility because we control all of the code and are not hamstrung by limitations in third-party plugins. In addition, we ask the right questions up front, so we don't program your application into a corner. We want to know your grand plans, needs and your infrastructure so we can help you scale your business without creating double work in redoing things that weren't built with future enhancements in mind.

Business Acumen and Experience

We've been programming creative solutions for our clients going on 12 years and we find that the best applications are built with a business first approach. In fact, sometimes our clients are surprised at how much we talk in their language and not ours. 

Another consideration for programming is cost. While we can code just about anything from scratch, we have a large code library available to us to start projects from. Here are some of our most popular plug-ins. Any of these can be customized or integrated to fit your specific business needs.

Just a Sample of What We Can Customize For You:

  • Shopping Cart (eCommerce)
  • Events Calendar
  • Theatre Show Manager
  • Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)
  • Location Search Manager
  • Custom Blog and News Manager
  • Recipes Manager
  • Photo and Video Gallery
  • FAQ Manager
  • Jobs/Careers Manager
  • Online Newspaper Manager
  • Testimonials Manager
  • Staff Manager

And we build many of these with Google's Rich Snippets which helps your information display strongly in Google's evolving AI (artificial intelligence) search results.  We can also integrate various API's into our plugins. 

Have an out-of-the-box need for your company?  Let us know what you're trying to build and we can help you get a better understanding of the abilities we can bring to the table.