SEO / Local SEO

Turning Rankings Into Leads

At it's very core, the goal of search engine optimization (SEO) is to capture more leads. Who cares if you're number one, if your website is being found and is bringing you qualified leads?

It's Not Always About Being #1

To show you how search engine optimization has evolved, if you are serving a local market, being number one in organic results now means little.  Have you looked at a search engine result page (SERP) lately?  If someone is trying to find a local business, they have to get past ads and the local three pack (maps) before they ever get to organic results. This is where Local SEO comes in.

If you're trying to reach a national audience, having your home page show up number one isn't necessarily the most powerful way to capture a hot lead or a buyer. Understanding your market and targeting the right keywords to the right pages can make all the difference in driving your potential client to what they want and you to new revenue.

What Level of SEO Do You Need?

To make our services easier to understand, these are suggested levels of SEO intensity. However, all businesses are different and strategies can vary, so these are only to help you get a feel for some of our strategies and offerings.

  • Level 1: Each website we build has out-of-the-box SEO tools. When we train you on our content management system, we show you how to take advantage of these tools when you're adding content. We also help you set up your Google MyBusiness and Bing Places accounts.
  • Level 2: We do a full scale keyword analysis and competitive analysis. These are the foundation of any SEO campaign. Then, we embed the right keywords throughout your website (on-page SEO), integrate Rich Snippets, get your Google Search Console account and XML site map synced, and look at some low hanging fruit in getting outside sites to notice you (off-page SEO).
  • Level 3: We cross into the world of Search Engine Marketing. This includes on-page SEO as well as more aggressive off-page SEO including link building and blog writing, landing pages, custom forms, and custom programming to boost your site's performance.

Start With an Analysis

Fill out the short survey below. We'll take a look at your website and give you some insights on where you stand with SEO.  Give us a couple of days, as we put human eyeballs on your site.  In addition, you may want to take us up on a keyword analysis and competitive report. At only $550, it is invaluable and can be used with us or any SEO company.