Social Media Strategy

Are You Reaching the Right Audience?

If you've been pouring dollars into social media marketing, but you're not seeing any results, it might be time to look at your strategy.

We've seen it over and over. Just because Facebook is the most popular, it doesn't necessarily fit your audience or the attitude they have when they are enjoying a little leisure time on the web. And many times, LinkedIn gets ignored because it is seen as a glorified online contact database.  

We Understand the Networks

Each social network has it's own personality.  And you can only win when you know where you're audience is and tailor your communications to the expectation of that particular audience. Then the job is creating authority, a community, evangelists, etc. to get more eyeballs and more interaction, thus leading to sales and revenue.  

How We Work With Clients

First off, we do not post for clients. As Drew Hannush says, "social means social." In other words, your followers are going to be more engaged with a company that is engaging with them. Handing your customer service and reputation off to a third-party provider is risky business. 

Instead, we can look at your strategy and help you find better ways to engage with your crowd.  We can also help you understand how to boost your audience with Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and LinkedIn advertising. We are here to give advice and do reviews of your efforts. And we can help you trim away the fat and optimize processes so your social media manager isn't feeling overwhelmed.