Why Choose Hannush Web as your Web Design and Internet Marketing Agency?

You need an agency that has been in the trenches and that can guide you through promoting and protecting your brand message and company reputation online. Here are 10 reasons we think Hannush Web is a great place for you to land:

1) Custom Designs and Programming:

Every web design company offers this...right? You'd be surprised. Are they customizing a pre-designed template or are they customizing a site from scratch? This is why there are so many similar "WordPress looking" websites out there.

With Hannush Web,  we build our sites on the more flexible Joomla!® platform. Because we custom program all of our software applications (components) and widgets (modules) in-house, our sites remain secure and easy-to-use. 

2) Training and Support:

We customize our Joomla!-based websites to be extremely easy-to-manage. We train our clients in 2-hours or less and they rarely need more training. But we do have our support staff standing by to help in those special circumstances. 

3) Reliability and Communication:

Our original mantra was "on-time web design" and that still lives on today. Plus, you can find us when you need us. Our response time on maintenance inquires average under 24 hours.

4) No Technical Speak:

Is your web designer or marketing agency talking in acronyms and technical jargon? We break it down so that you can understand it. And we build trust so you can rely on us to understand the deeper details and help your business grow.

5) Finding Creative Solutions:

We've had some interesting requests in our many years in web development and we've been able to fulfill almost all of them cialis discount card. Our clients come in with an idea and we help them enhance it and make it the strongest it can be. Your sales and marketing ideas and ours unite to meet your web needs.

6) Seamless Integration Into Your Business:

If you have a marketing department and you only need a web developer, we are there. If you need hosting, branding, search optimization and custom programming, we can fill all of those needs. Maintenance plans or you manage it yourself. You choose how much you want to interact with us.

7) A Track Record of Success:

Since 2003 we have been working with small business owners who have survived recessions and tough times with a strong web presence to keep their business growing.

8) U.S. Based and Fiercely Local:

Our offices are based in Greenville, SC. We are still fans of the handshake and personal one-on-one attention. And while there are times we outsource (when a client has a tight deadline or we have awork overflow), our team is U.S. based and we prefer it that way.  

9) Integrity Is A Way Of Life:

We've seen plenty of nightmares over the years with new clients having to fight to get their graphic files and websites from a previous designer that went out of business or had unscrupulous business practices. Your site is built on a portable platform you can take almost anywhere and we remain transparent in our managing of your domain, graphic and hosting assets.

10) Billing Transparency:

You know what you're paying for. We don't just provide you with a contract with a single number on it, and we don't come back asking for more and more money on short-term projects. You know what you will pay up-front for each item we produce.

Plus all the things you expect from a web design agency. Don't miss a chance to grow your business.  Call now: (828) 338-9327 or use our handy contact form and we will be in touch.


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